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Eritrean People`s Democratic Party PRESS STATEMENT

Eritrean People`s Democratic Party


The Eritrean People’s Democratic Party (EPDP) has followed the announcement of the Ethiopian government on June 5, 2018 expressing its acceptance the decision by the Hague Court on April 13, 2002, relating to the Eritrean-Ethiopian border dispute, in which Badime has become a part of the Eritrean sovereignty.

We in the Eritrean People’s Democratic Party esteem the acceptance of the Hague decision by the Ethiopian Government as a major turning point in the history of the Eritrean and Ethiopian brotherly relations. This decision will inevitably lead to the alleviation of the suffering of the two countries, especially our Eritrean people, who have suffered greatly of the state of no-war-no-peace that lasted almost for two decades. Demarcating the border and withdrawal of Ethiopia from our occupied territories will leave the tyrannical regime in Asmara without any pretexts to mobilizing Eritreans, especially, young people to serve in as soldiers.

The Badime and other Eritrean territories occupied by Ethiopia have always been at top priority of the issues raised by the Party with the Ethiopian officials in different times. As many Eritreans and their friends remember, on the 30th of November 2010, the Party presented a written memorandum to the Ethiopian Prime Minister, the late Meles Zenawi calling, among other things, for the Ethiopian leadership to withdraw from those lands and return Badime to Eritrea.

We in the EPDP look forward to seeing the Ethiopian side and in line with the Hague decision to move from the public relations stage to taking concrete steps that will practically confirm its implementation. We believe that the real implementation of Hague Decision can be visible when the world witnesses the withdrawal of Ethiopian troops from Badime as well as from the other Eritrean territories occupied by Ethiopia and working to create conducive conditions to end the existing state of tension.

On this occasion we, EPDP leadership and its members throughout the world, would like convey our congratulations to both the Eritrean and the Ethiopian peoples for this important development in the relations between the two countries.

Tesfamichael Yohannes

Chairman of Eritrean Democratic Party

The 7th of June, 2018 


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One Comment to Eritrean People`s Democratic Party PRESS STATEMENT

  1. Abe says:

    I am happy to see every Eritrean is awaking from their asleep some of them and some from their deviated policies.I have seen a lot i have done a lot however denying, defeating your nation is absurd and ridiculous.Suffice to say how ever, Eritrean people will be there for ever, Eritrean land will be there, Eritrean government might be change how ever it is very important first to consider Eritrean people. There are so many people who were struggling heroically for their mother land Eritrean however now they are opposition.There are several people who were in ELF who still are having delusional to ward Eritrea and got phobic.They do not understand politics first.Secondly some do not know that ELF betrayed its own fighters by sell Eritrea to Ethiopian. Infact, they tried togged rid EPLF by cooperating the DERG Ethiopian regime. They even tried to sell Assab and get compensation in Humera. Let every body know we were fighting to bring even an inch Eritrean territory leave along to give away. As result ELF leadership betrayed its own fighters that the reason ELF disintegrated.Now Eritrea is free from DERG, leading its people to the right direction of development. I wish every Eritrean to come and see all the developments Eritrean people with leadership of EPLF have accomplished. Eritrea is oasis in the middle of Sahara desert.Lets talk positive for mother land Eritrea.

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