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September the 1st the National Pride Day

September the 1st the National Pride Day

Today, we celebrate the 58th anniversary of the start of our armed revolution. When the Eritrean people realized that the international community was not paying any attention to their aspirations for independence and deafening their ears without hearing their legitimate demands for self-determination, on September 1, 1961, they declared their armed revolt led by hero martyr Hamid Idris Awate.

Because the Eritreans with their various components were with the demands of the revolution, they rallied around it and made great sacrifices in a tenacious struggle that lasted for thirty years at the end of which the country gained its independence on the 24th of May 1991.

It is true that the PFDJ regime did not live up to the aspirations of the people and did not move towards building a state of democratic institutions that guarantee the participation of all citizens in the stage of the country`s reconstruction. By adopting dangerous policies PFDJ jeopardizes Eritrea and pushes young people and talents to migrate and displace in a way that endangers the lives of many.

Faced with the intransigence of the PFDJ regime and its determination to move in the wrong direction, the Eritrean people have chosen to confront it in a visible way. In the Diaspora, the refusal finally has reached its limit, as large sections of Eritreans gathered around the initiative, known as “Yakil”, which bothered the regime’s cadres and ministers to the point where their fear and anxiety began to appear in the media. We at the Unity for Democratic Change (UDC) are pleased that the 58th anniversary of the Eritrean Armed Struggle coincides with the conclusion of our Founding Congress, which emerged from the unity of three Eritrean democratic forces, the Democratic Movement for Justice, the National Forum for Dialogue and the Eritrean Democratic People’s Party. As the principles of the September Revolution and our armed struggle were, our priority interim goals are the removal of the tyrannical regime and the establishment of a constitutional system that inspires the Eritrean people and achieves equality and justice on the basis of citizenship.Long live the Anniversary of the Eritrean Armed struggle!The fall of the authoritarian regime in Asmara!

Unity for Democratic Change (UDC)

September 1, 2019

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