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The first session Of UDC CC

The first session Of UDC CC

Today, Saturday 14 September 2018, the Central Council (CC), the legislative body of the Organisation of the Unity for Democratic Change (UDC), composed of 21 members and 4 reserves, that was elected during the founding congress held between the 23rd and 25th August in Frankfurt, concluded the second session of its first regular meeting.

The first session that was held on the 8th of September 2019, was adjourned after the CC had elected Mr. Hamid Drar as its Speaker and Mr. Tesfamichael Yohannes as the Chairman of the Executive Committee.

During the session held today, the CC continued its deliberations on the agenda items left from its previous session. Among these were the election of the remaining six members of the Executive Committee, the organisation’s general Auditor and other organisational matters.

List of elected members:


The Speaker of the UDC Central Council;

               Mr. Hamid Drar


The UDC Executive Committee:

  1. Tesfamichael Youhannes: Chairman

  2. Suleiman Hussein: Foreign & Public Relation

  3. Kebrom Ghrenet: Secretary

  4. Gallaway Saeed: Political & Organisational Affairs

  5. Antonio Tesfay: Information & Mobilisation

  6. Alem Yohannes: Economic Affairs

  7. Mrs Saba Fessehaye: Social Affairs


  • General auditor: Mrs Bizu Butignoli

Victory to the Eritrean People

14 September 2019

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