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The importance of women’s education and their role in society.

The importance of women’s education and their role in society.

 by soo.

Education is one of the most prominent and important rights to be given to human beings regardless It includes the category and gender of women and girls and the importance of the education of a man I have to. Where the child depends on his mother in his education before school because The Mother of the school, if you prepare it, has prepared a That Education The girl is working on her knowledge, information, educational skills. The Basic Theory and application that enables her to carry out her life activities. And its big, daily and tribal responsibilities are to the fullest. A woman’s education helps her raise her health awareness: Elementary, medium and secondary education. You ask a lot of Educational subjects to show how to deal with infants. So they contribute to Reducing the mortality level. Besides, it’s the possibility of a woman’s injury. Educated with viruses like aids and others less than uneducated women. Thus, it reduces the possibility of the transmission of these diseases to their children. As it allowed.Education for women has access to health facilities. Where you contribute to Many Health services to care for community groups. Like participating in operations Birth. — reducing early marriages: education offers women freedom in Making her life decisions will give her the power to take her rights and improve the pattern Her life and her self-esteem, too. Education is a key factor. Contributes to reducing mortality and reducing marriages and early childbearing. Where It is advisable to continue the process of education in order to move away from early During the adolescence. We’ve got girls who get married in 15 years. Lots of kids.— raising the standard of living: Education is a basic support in which an investigation The dreams and desires that a person needs. During his life where he needs Education to make the effort and strength until the person has an important position. With the real benefits of improving his standard of living. She also helps her husband physically and helps. I have to provide the various basic and non-basic life supplies that will They have a decent living. — providing good health care to children: malnutrition is considered The underlying causes of high mortality in the world. Therefore, women’s education contributes to helping them choose the best food elements. It has a major role in disease prevention. As well as her wallets. I have to clean up her sons and teach them to take life. Education increases women’s awareness of their rights and knows their most important duties as they grow. Her consciousness is about caring for herself and her family, which guarantees her a healthy healthy life. As far as possible. Science promotes the awareness of the girl and works to develop her capacity: which reflects positively Her ability to deal with her children in the future, raise them and raise them. The right is based on the proper scientific and educational foundations and thus comes out Her hand has an educated and educated generations capable of promoting a stable, stable society.Of crimes and problems.– science believes in the physical independence of women. And that by giving her Their own monthly income can achieve independence and non-dependency. For other members of her family or her husband and guarantee her freedom to decide. Education enables a woman to get the job he gives her.Prominent social among members of the community. It allows her to achieve herself and ambition.The promise of the blood is limited to working inside the house.
— women are regarded as the basis for preparing, raising the individual, the family and Societies and nations. I have to consider it half the community that gives birth. And Education and education half the other. Being Mother, sister, wife and teacher And the coach is the most important basics and skills that the individual learns in stages His first life and escort him to his death. Hence the importance of the preparation of women and the creation of the necessary skills and So that she can accomplish her great tasks, which, of course, is reflected in all the
Life and its national efforts.

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