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UDC EC held its 3rd regular meeting.

UDC EC held its 3rd regular meeting.

Yesterday, Sunday 06 October 2019, the Executive Committee of the Organization of Unity for Democratic Change (UDC EC) held its 3rd regular meeting.

During the meeting which lasted for two hours, EC members discussed a number of issues, among which the worsening political and socio-economic conditions in Eritrea and the need for the Eritrean opposition forces to learn from past experiences and in light of the growing popular resistance, to explore new ways of forging a better unity of purpose that is based on a shared national vision which consists of making Eritrea a country where the rule of law prevails and is ruled by a government that is elected by the its people in a free and fair national elections.

The UDC been itself the outcome of a genuine and successful merger effort of three different organisations, its newly elected UDC-EC has naturally put the issue of unity among opposition forces on top of its priorities and as such, it is committed in exploring every means possible to enter into dialogue will all sister organisations in view of playing a positive role in achieving this long-waited unity of purpose among all opposition forces.

With regard to internal organisational matters, the Executive Committee discussed a number of issues, including the urgent task of finalising the new organisational structure at the local and regional levels in accordance to the resolutions of the Founding Congress as well as its organisational bylaws. It also discussed blue prints of work plans of members of the EC of their respective offices.

Finally, the Executive Committee expresses its full support to the growing popular movement of Yi-Akl –  كفاية – ENOUGH and renews its call to all Eritrean citizens to join the movement and to stay focused on achieving the main objective of the Eritrean people  which nothing less than reclaiming our own country and put it back on the right track.

Long Live the Unity of the Eritrean people

The UDC-Executive Committee


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