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UDC News

24 August 2019
Following the successful founding congress held at the end of last month and the first ordinary meeting of the central council held earlier this month, the UDC Executive Committee held its first ordinary meeting on 22 September 2019.During the meeting which lasted nearly three hours, members of the executive committee discussed a number of issues such as the Executive Committee’s internal structure, the finalisation of the organisational structure in accordance to the bylaws ratified during the founding congress, membership affairs, the budget, building working relations with sister organisations etc.To this effect, members of the Executive Committee agreed on a number of steps to be taken during the coming weeks and months in order for the UDC to strengthen its internal structure, make use of the available resources within the organisation.

The Executive committee will hold its next meeting on 05 October 2019 to discuss detailed work plans expected to be presented by its chairman as well as heads of the various offices.

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