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Congratulations are in Order

 Congratulations are in Order

For a long time, various domestic forces who imposed themselves on the peoples of Ethiopia have ruled the Ethiopian people without mercy and care. They ruled for their benefit only—without the consent of the people and vote. To their great detriment, the peoples of Ethiopia, and for reasons which they were neither aware of nor benefited from, were relegated to mistrusting and despising each other, confrontation and endless fratricides. Like all things in life that have a beginning and an end, this misfortune, after over a century of strife, also came to an end in 1991 as a result of the coordinated and just struggle of the peoples of Ethiopia.

After the fall of the Derg, and particularly in 2018, there was a dark cloud hovering over Ethiopia and its people. In light of the prevailing social, political and economic crisis in the Horn of Africa, any developing crisis in one country will not be limited to that country alone. In comparison to all countries of the Horn of Africa, Ethiopia is a nation with the largest population; has enjoyed relative peace and stability; played important regional and international roles and its importance is expected to grow over time. When peace and stability is threatened in a country like Ethiopia, a Horn African nation, its ramifications are not limited to Ethiopia but to all the countries that will be directly impacted. Lack of peace and stability in Ethiopia is lack of peace and stability in the Horn of Africa. The over-two decades instability in the Horn of African nation of Somalia has adversely impacted the region stretching from the Red Sea to the Indian Ocean. The region cannot cope with another instability emanating out of Ethiopia.

The months-old instability and uncertainties in Ethiopia has attracted the attention of our region, Africa and the world and by the second half of April of this year, we witnessed some rays of sunshine. News has spread that the position of the Prime Minister, vacated at the voluntary resignation of the former Prime Minister, was filled by the Ethiopian Peoples’ Revolutionary Democratic Forces (EPRDF) in a democratic process. Regardless of who was elect and which organization within the EPRDF does the Prime Minister-elected represent, the threat resulting from uncertainties has been drastically reduced. This was great news to the peoples of Ethiopia; and for this reason, they were anxiously waiting to hear and see the positive conclusion of the meetings. Likewise, the people of the region were also anxiously waiting for this positive conclusion. Yesterday, on April 2, 2018, the people witnessed, in satisfaction, the conclusion of what they have been waiting for. Dr. Abiy Ahmed assumed the duties of the Prime Minister.

The Eritrean People’s Democratic Party (EPDP) expresses its congratulatory message to the peoples of Ethiopia and wishes Dr. Abiy Ahmed all the best in his mission.

During the oath-taking ceremony, Dr. Abiy Ahmed gave his acceptance speech. Among the host of issues, he raised was the future relation that concerns Eritrea and Ethiopia. Without delving into much details, he stated that it is his heart-felt desire to resolve the age-long misunderstanding between the two countries and his readiness to play his part. There is no fault in this approach, and there is nothing to say or do but wish that the words will be accompanied by deeds. Regardless of who is behind initiatives that aim at normalizing relations between Eritrea and Ethiopia, the Eritrean government must be ready to reciprocate, but in our experience, there is a slight chance of this happening. The normalization of relations between Eritrea and Ethiopia will not serve the interests of the Eritrean regime. The regime is deeply concerned by popular demands it will face after normalization. In light of this, we are concerned that the good wishes expressed by Dr. Abiy Ahmed not to be at the cost of the Eritrean people’s freedom and national sovereignity.

Again, we congratulate the peoples of Ethiopia.

We express our best wishes to Dr. Abiy Ahmed.

News and Information Office

Eritrean People’s Democratic Party

April 3, 2018

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