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Eritrean Petition to 38th Session Of the UN Human Rights

Eritrean Petition to 38th Session

Of the UN Human Rights

(Geneva, 22 June 2018)

To: President of the 38th
Regular Session, UN Human Rights Council; To: UN Office of High Commissioner
for Human Rights, CC: Delegations of 47 Member States of the Human Rights

Subject: Human Rights
Situation in Eritrea has not shown any sign of improvement! Date: 22 June, 2018

Your Excellencies, We,
Eritrean justice seekers demonstrating today in front of the UN Headquarters in
Geneva, wish to earnestly convey this modest petition for your most urgent
attention and action at this 38th Session of the UN Human Rights Council. Our
demands to and expectations from this Session include the following:

The human rights situation in Eritrea has
not shown any sign of improvement and, therefore, we await the Council’s
concrete actions as adopted in several past resolutions of this august body;

No effective action has been taken to implement the findings of the UN
Commission of Inquiry and subsequent recommendations of the Human Rights
Rapporteur for Eritrea as adopted in previous regular sessions;

This 38th Session is, therefore, urged to find effective means of making
pressure bear on the repressive regime in Eritrea to stop, inter alia, its
arbitrary arrests, disappearances, torture and endless imprisonment of people
without a day at a court of law;
We also ask this 38th Session to kindly
extend the mandate of the Human Rights Rapporteur for Eritrea in order to keep
this Council informed of the situation and to follow up Council’s past

Excellencies and Madams/Sirs
in the Council, As the Eritrea Special Rapporteur Sheila B. Keetharuth has
repeated informed the this Council and the recent session of UN General
Assembly in New Year, the fate of all Eritrean prisoners of the regime in
Asmara has been “detention until death”. This has been going on for
the last 27 years in Eritrea where all basic human rights and freedoms are
non-existent. Eritrea to this day remains as a UN member state:

• Without a national

• Without functional braches
of government;

• Without national elections for over quarter of a

• Without freedom of the
press, assembly, worship and movement;

• No visitation rights for
prisoners, not even by the ICRC;

• The open ended
“national service” and slave-labour has forced the entire young

generation to flee the
The list is

We Eritrean justice seekers
are no doubt grateful to the UN Human Rights Council for its previous efforts
that included the creation of a Special Rapporteur in 2012 and also its
formation in 2014 of a three-person Commission of Inquiry that finally
submitted its disturbing findings and strong recommendation for action in June

However, we are equally
disturbed by the unwarranted delay for action by concerned UN bodies and the
unexpected, unjustifiable appeasements towards the repressive regime in Eritrea
by some UN member States, including prominent members of the Human Rights

Dear Madams/Sirs, The June
2018 report of Ms Sheila Keetharuth is now telling the Council that the
Eritrean regime’s “national/military service, identified by the Commission
of Inquiry on human rights in Eritrea as enslavement of a whole population, a
crime against humanity on reasonable grounds to believe, remains indefinite;
except for a small increase in pay in 2015, no further reform has been
communicated……Other crimes against humanity, including imprisonment,
enforced disappearance, torture and other inhumane acts, persecution, rape and
murder, continue”.

We therefore find it to once
again remind this 38th Session that it is incumbent upon the Council to ensure
that Eritrean government actors who were responsible for monstrous human rights
violations against their own people are held accountable to those criminal
abuses according to existing legal framework of international criminal justice.
It indeed is time for the international community to find appropriate methods
by which accountability for gross human rights violations is ensured in Eritrea.

Only to reiterate, we urge
the UN Human Rights Council to also guarantee the extension of the mandate of a
Special Rapporteur for Human Rights for Eritrea with fully strengthened
follow-up measures.

Eritrean Justice Seekers
Coordinating Committee, Geneva Demonstration of 22 June 2018


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